NCAA Recruiting Facts

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College sports offer student-athletes opportunities to learn, compete, and succeed.


Division I schools, on average, enroll the most students, manage the largest athletics budgets, offer a wide array of academic programs and provide the most athletics scholarships.  There are approximately  173,500 student-athletes throughout 346 Division I colleges and universities.  53 percent of all student-athletes receive some level of athletics aid.  In 2012 the Graduation Success Rate was 81 percent.


Division II provides growth opportunities through academic achievement, high-level athletics competition and community engagement. Many participants are first-generation college students.  There are approximately 109,100 student-athletes throughout 300 Division II colleges and universities.  On average 56 percent of all student-athletes receive some level of athletics aid.


The Division III experience provides an integrated environment that focuses on academic success while offering competitive athletics and meaningful non-athletics opportunities.  There are approximately 183,500 student-athletes throughout 450 Division III colleges and universities.  On average, 75 percent of all student-athletes receive some form of academic grant or need-based scholarship; institutional gift aid totals $13,500 on average

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