Athletic Associations

NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association
Clearinghouse NCAA Athlete Eligibility Center Registration
NAIA National Association Of Intercollegiate Athletics
NJCAA National Junior College Athletic Association
NCCAA National Christian College Athletic Association
COA/CCCAA California Community College Athletic Association

Academic Forms Resources

FAFSA (student aid application)
NCAA Eligibility Center (Clearinghouse registration)

School Reviews / Academic Reports

Tips for every athlete:

  • Do you know the current NCAA Recruiting Schedule? If not start here,
  • Have you checked athletic association site(s) for up to date requirements? Go to for your free NCAA Guide for Student Athletes.
  • Be realistic about your ability level (realistic applications return the best results).
    Consider campus size and location (ie. big vs. small and metro vs. rural). Use online tools like to help with your research and even take practice ACT’s.

  • Get yourself in front of as many coaches as possible to maximize your athletic scholarship potential.
    Have an academic field in mind and consider each school’s adademics as well as your ability to meet application requirements.

  • Obtain reference letters from teachers, counselors, coaches or/and community leaders.
  • Choose the overall package that best fits you (ie. best academic fit, best sport program fit, location, school size, scholarship, etc…) since things can sometimes change and a collegiate degree is the ultimate goal. Focusing too much on a scholarship for example, may result in your committing to a school that you don’t enjoy being at.
  • Keep organized notes regarding schools, programs, conversations, etc…
  • Get the best help that you can. Start your Athlete Recruiting Services campaign today.
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