New UCA specializes in editing High End, HD videos made to help you stand out in the eyes of college coaches and scouts.

Sports Highlight videos are the most effective way to promote your skills as a high or junior college school athlete to college coaches for an athletic scholarship.

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New UCA uses the latest equipment in sports production to achieve the highest quality game film.

The sooner you start your video portfolio, the more material you have to work when its time to build your recruitment package.

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The New UCA Scholarship Award is awarded  upon completion of there senior year in high school.

To be eligible to receive our scholarship award, participants are required to:
-Remain in good academic standing
-Must volunteer in the community (minimum of 30 hours)
-Complete a program application and obtain parental consent
-Abide by the behavioral requirements in the release

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NJ’s Educational Opportunity Fund

The New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund provides financial assistance and support services to students from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds who attend institutions of higher education in the State of New Jersey.